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Urology is a speciality which deals with genitourinary surgery in male and urinary system in the female. It is also inclusive of andrology which means sexual disorders and infertility problems in male. Urinary system consists of Kidney, Ureter, Bladder, Seminal Vesicle, Prostate, Scrotum and testicles and other external genitalia. All diseases of the above organs like malignancy,congenital abnormalities, calculi,obstructive uropathy, blood in the urine are included in this speciality. The following are the sub specialities in urology:

Hospital Facilities

Surgical Procedure is done through keyholes with laproscopic equipments.
Stones extracted through a hole in the back
It is a electromagnetic machine which breaks the stone with shockwaves. No open surgery. This facility available in our institution.
Flexible fiberoptic ureteroscope is passed upto the kidney through urinary passage under anaesthesia. Calculi in any portion of kidney can be treated with this equipment along with laser.
Surgery for calculi and Prostate are done with holmium laser. Laser fibre emits laser and breaks the calculi into fine fragments.
Carcinoma of kidney Bladder, Prostate and testicles - surgery of the above are included in the sub speciality.

Deals with infertility and sexual problems in male.
Surgery for hypospadias and urethroplasty for stricture urethra are all included in this category
Deals with calculi in kidney,ureter and bladder. All the procedure are done without open surgery in our institution
Facility to treat patients with renal failure, nephrotic syndrome, hemodialysis and C.A.P.D - are available in our institution.
Surgery for cystocele, stress incontinence and obstructive uropathy are done our institution.
All urological Operations required for children - all are done in our hospital.


General Nephrology manages the treatment and administration of Nephrotic disorder, intense nephritic disorder, intense renal disappointment and constant renal disappointment. Being a tertiary consideration focus, a wide range of intense renal disappointment are experienced. Diabetic Nephropathy is the most generally experienced interminable kidney sickness.

  • Nephrotic Syndrome
  • Acute Nephritic Syndrome
  • Acute Renal Failure
  • Chronic Renal Failure